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How Do I Log Into Structural?
How Do I Log Into Structural?

Getting Started, Accessing The App After It's Downloaded. Change Password.

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Once you’ve downloaded Structural, open the app. Tap the “Get Started” button. Enter your work email address and tap Next. Depending on your organization’s set-up, one of two things will happen:

Signing in without SSO:

iPhone & Android

  1. Tap the “Get Started” button.

2. Type in your company email address.

3. Once you have typed in your company email address you will select "Open Mail App" to be redirected to your email inbox to confirm your account and create a password.

4. Once you have set a password, you will be launched into Structural.

If your password needs to be reset, click the Reset Password option and the password reset link will be sent to your email address on file.

3B. If you have already created a password previously, you can login with your company email address and password.


After entering your work email address and tapping Next, you’ll see a button for Single Sign-on. Select this, and you will be re-directed to your organization’s SSO provider.

  1. Enter your organization's credentials, and from there, you’ll be brought back into Structural. 

  2. You are good to go! 👏 

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