In most cases, your profile photo will already within your profile since Structural has gathered publicly-available data sources provided by your team. However, you can change this at any time by tapping the Edit icon. 


Similarly, you can add or edit your banner photo (behind your Profile photo), by tapping the Edit icon on the lower right-hand corner of the header.


To edit profile picture, click edit on the bottom of your picture and to change cover photo click on the edit button on the bottom right corner of the header.


To edit profile picture, click pencil icon in top right of your profile. To change the cover photo choose "Change Banner Photo" on the left. To change your profile photo choose "Change Photo" above your name & title. Be sure to save your photo modifications on the right side of your cover image. Follow the steps below to change your cover and profile image.

The best image resolution for a Banner image is 1080 x 360 image. Maximum image size is 8MB.




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