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The app opens with content from the Home tab. It is located on the far bottom left of your screen and includes the following information from your company: 

  • Relevant Resources such as websites and PDF's.

  • Upcoming events like birthdays and work anniversaries

  • Chosen RSS feeds

  • Linked Instagram 

  • Twitter accounts

  • Recently hired team members


Tap "See Upcoming" to see a full list of upcoming Anniversaries, Birthday's and Milestone's. It's a great way to shoutout your colleagues and showcase their success.


Details shows a breakdown of your every person in your organization by Department and Location. Click "See All" in Departments or Locations to view a full list of each Department and Location. This tab contains the same information for everyone in your company.


This sub-tab will provide all of your company's updated:

  • Documents

  • HR Related Policies

  • Links to Videos or Podcasts

  • Links to cloud hosting websites

Any variety of PDF's and Website Links can be added into the Resources Tab.

Let your Structural Admin know which resources are most helpful to have for your team's use.

You're all set and ready to go! 👍

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