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Editing Your Profile

Profile, Profile tab, Editing Profile, Profile Photo

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To personalize your profile, you can tap on the column icon in the top left to begin.Β 

To edit any of your profile information, including your skills, languages, contact information, and interests click on the "πŸ–Š" icon. In this example it would be labeled Edit Basic Info".

Editing Profile Photo

To edit your profile photo select the column icon in the top left of your Home Page.

Then select Profile.

Next, select "πŸ“· Edit" icon and upload your preferred photo.

Then you can either upload a photo from your mobile device. For the best results we recommend using a 800 x 800 image with a maximum storage size of 8MB. This is the same format for web and mobile.

Once you select and upload your profile photo, then select save.


To edit your profile photo on Web select the your profile photo or initials in the top right of your Home Page.

Then select Profile.

Select the "πŸ–Š" icon.

Select Change Photo.

Then select and upload a new profile photo and select Submit to save those changes.

*Note - For profile fields, if you are unable to edit a field, this is due to an ongoing sync that your company Admins have set in place and this field is locked down. This allows for information such as department, manager, and other fields to be updated in your team's HR system and sync into Structural which keeps your data fresh every day. If you need to change information to a locked field, contact your HR or IT Team to update it.

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