Editing Profile Fields

Add Work Experience, Education, Skill Updates to Build a Useful and Informative Profile.

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Your profile will be partially completed by the data your organization syncs with Structural, as well as gather publicly-available data sources approved by your company. However, everything is editable, so make any changes you see fit!

Editing Sections

  • To edit a section, tap the purple pencil icons at the top.

  • Some fields have drop-down menus, others are free-form text. To save, simply tap the arrow in the upper left-hand corner to go back to the Profile screen. Most customers will include Work Experience, Education and Skills in this area of the Profile. 

  • Under your name and title, you will see the options for others to communicate with you via email, messaging or phone. Additionally, manage your Preferences by tapping the ellipsis.

  • Please confirm you have turned on all of the Push Notifications as these will connect you to your co-workers in real time.  

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