Find talent for a project, or a group of coworkers who share similar skills or interests by utilizing the keyword functionality on the People tab in Structural. 

At the top of the People screen, type in any word or combination of words, and Structural will sort results by 

  1. Frequency of search terms in Profile 
  2. Exactness

For example, if you search Design, you’ll see a list of all the employees in your organization where Design appears in their Profile, with those Profiles that feature it the most, at the top

You can also narrow these results by adding additional keywords like “Indianapolis”. Note that any keyword is fair game, so even try things like “Game of Thrones” or “Colts”. Get creative!

Using Filters

Your organization has chosen a handful of filters on the People tab to help you narrow down your search. 

Tap the search bar in the top of your screen. Once you tap the search bar, to the left you will see a column icon, these are your available Custom Filters. Apply one or multiple, then tap Done. 

Your results are displayed on the People tab. To clear filters, simply tap the Clear Filters button at the top of the filter page. 

Screen flow from Search to using Filters:

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