Connect is a shared tab in Structural where users can go to find posts and polls targeted to them and/or users with the appropriate permissions have the ability to : 

  1. Recognize their colleagues
  2. Post articles
  3. Share photos
  4. Launch polls to targeted audiences.

Creating a Connect Post

To begin a post tap the purple "Post" button in the top right of your Connect tab.
Then you will be presented with this screen to add content to your post. Along with text you can:

  • Recognize 1-4 colleagues
  • Add an interactive poll
  • Add photos or video
  • Add links to websites, articles, podcasts etc.

Those with appropriate permissions can post to the entire company or target the content to a specific audience. If you are in that audience, you’ll receive a notification to check out the post. 

Let the post owner know you’re interested by “liking” it as well!  

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