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Attaching a Photo, Video or Document to a Connect Post
Attaching a Photo, Video or Document to a Connect Post

Attach, Attaching Photo, Video, Document, PDF, .pdf, Connect Post

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Below are the details to help upload and include various forms of content within a Connect post.

Attaching a Photo:

To attach a photo or video from your photo library follow these steps:

  1. Select the +Post icon from the Connect tab.

2. Select the Camera icon on the bottom right-hand side of your screen.

Note: Please ensure you have given Structural permission to access your photo library in order to upload pictures.

3. Use your camera and take a photo in the moment OR select from your photo library to upload photos or videos. 

Attaching a Video:

To attach a video from a link, paste the .mp4 link anywhere in the post body.
Attaching a .mp4 to a Connect post

*Capturing videos in the moment is not available at this moment.

A few important details regarding video attachments include:

  • On iPhone and Android devices videos there is an upload limit of 10MB on images & 100MB video on mobile.

  • Web has a limit of 200mb on video.

  • You may use a recording from your phone or if you're importing, use a .mp4 file.

  • The preferred orientation is horizontal.

    For Connect posts the image will resize automatically for the preview based on the platform (web, mobile, email) and resolution. Then the user will be able to click to open the full view.

Attaching a Document:

Structural has no option to upload and host a PDF, However, any user can paste a PDF that is stored by a cloud hosting software such as Dropbox, Box Google Drive, etc. Add files by copy and pasting the link to the resource(s) into the body of the Post.

  • We currently support files ending in 'pdf', 'mp4', 'png', 'jpg', 'jpeg', 'xls', 'doc', 'ppt', 'xlsx', 'docx', 'pptx'

File Hosting Providers

For Dropbox and other file hosting providers, please ensure that your security settings on the specific file permit public sharing. To share Dropbox links/folders, please use the sharing/‘Copy Dropbox Link’ feature. To attach a Dropbox direct link, follow this formatting:

Google Drive links can be pasted in your Connect post, but they will open in the Google Drive app or in a web browser. To attach a Google Drive direct link, follow this formatting:

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