Editing the Home Page

The Home Page Displays Your Company's Social Media Links, Departments, Locations, and Featured Resources.

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The Home Page displays your company's social media links, departments, locations, and links to featured resources.

Updating Basic Company Information

1. Log into the web version of Structural app.structural.com

2. Select the headshot in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Select Organization Admin

4. Select Organization Information

5. Select Edit to begin updating the website, and Social Media Accounts.

6. Select Save Changes.

Updating Company Resources

1. Select Organization Information

2. Then select Details for Resources 

3. Select Add a New Resource, then upload a PDF Document or insert a WebPage URL.

Uploading a PDF Document

  1. Add a label or title for the Resource and choose PDF.

  2. Select Upload and select PDF from your Device.

3. Once you have uploaded your PDF then select Save.

Adding a Website URL

1. Add a label or title for the Resource and choose URL.

2. Add in the Website URL and select Save.

You can also Feature/Unfeature a PDF or URL and that Resource will show at the top of the Resources Page within the Company's Home Page.

Note - Resources are ordered alphabetically.


1. From the Admin Tools, select Departments

2. Select Add a Department

3. Once you have added the Department, select Submit.


1. From the Admin Tools, select Locations

2. Select Add a Location

3. Once you have added the Location, select Add Location.

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