Push, in-app and email notifications allow employees to stay connected through Connect posts, work anniversaries, birthdays, and other important information across the organization.

Here are the types of content that you can be notified about:

  • Connect Posts

  • Special Events - work anniversaries and birthdays

  • When Opportunity Marketplace is interacted with or closed

  • Groups you are added to

  • Messages from Structural


Managing Your Notifications

From the Home Tab you can select the 🔔 icon in the top right, you will then have notifications to view.

Then you can select the settings icon ⚙️ to manage your notifications.

Push notifications are currently configured to go to the author of the post when a comment is made. (Example of a push notification)

Alternatively, you can customize your push and email notifications in Structural a second way:


  1. Tap on the column icon in the top left of the Home Page.

2. Then select Preferences.

3. Tap Manage Notifications.

4. Next, choose to customize Group added, Opportunity Marketplace, Posts, Post comments, and Special Events notifications. You can toggle each push or email notifications on or off, but it is recommended to at least have push notifications or email notifications turned on. This allows you to never miss an update!

5. You can also customize your notification style. Select Customize Notification Style and you can select the style of notifications:

  • Banner

  • Lock Screen

  • Badge App icons.

From this menu, you can also select other privacy notifications to turn on or off.



From the Company tab,

  1. Tap on your profile photo in the top left.

  2. Then tap on Preferences.

  3. Tap Push or Email Notifications depending on which one you want to customize and toggle Special Events, Posts and Messages from Structural to "on".

4. Once you have updated your Preferences within the Structural platform, go to your phone settings by selecting the the Gear icon. Select Apps near the bottom of the page.

5. Select Structural and Confirm that you turned on all notification contents that you prefer to be activated.

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