Log into the Web UI at app.structuralapp.com.
Choose the Headshot icon -> Settings -> Users.

You may search for a specific person, department or location. 

Select the gear icon to edit, enable, disable, delete or edit the role of an individual user. You will NOT receive an email or notification if the user is enabled or disabled. 

*Refresh the screen to confirm the update.  

Edit User
You may update the fields, add a manager or edit email information. Select create when the data has been updated. This is also where you may update the email address for the user. Simply select 'Edit Email' and add the new email.

Edit the User's Role

Sort the users by their status in Structural in the "Show All" field

Active: All users Onboarded or Not Onboarded in Structural are consider active. A user is onboarded once they log into the app for the first time.
Not Onboarded: The user hasn't ever logged into Structural.

Disabled: This is for employees who have left the company or who have opted out of having a Structural profile. This is setting can also be used if an employee is on leave but may return and you want to have access to their profile data. 

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