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Personality Data

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For Structural customers who are also PredictiveIndex customers, Structural can automatically retrieve and display a PI summary for each user who has taken a Personality assessment. Individuals and their peers can see a summary of their latest PI assessment, guiding them in how best to interact with each other. 

Note: The Personality Tab is a feature that is selected by the company. If you are interested in displaying PI data within your Structural profile, contact your Structural Admin or

  • However, a user does have the option to toggle access to the Personality data on/off for each source. Steps are listed below.


To Navigate to the Personality Tab follow these steps.

  1. Select your Profile Photo in the top left of your Home Page.

     2. Select Profile

     3. Select Personality Tab in the middle of profile.

How to turn off Predictive Index data.

  1. Select the ellipsis ... in the top right section of your profile.

2. Select Preferences below.

3. Select Profile Preferences.

4. Now you can toggle on/off Personality Analysis, DISC Assessment, or Predictive Index.

To Generate the Predictive Index API Key follow the steps below.

  1. Sign into Account

  2. In the Permissions section, navigate to the API-key field.

  3. Click Create

NOTE: An API string is generated, stored and displayed. Upon clicking CREATE, the API Key is automatically stored. There is no need to also click the UPDATE button.


If you are experiencing any issues or have further questions please contact Structural.

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