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How Do I Integrate Slack With Structural?
How Do I Integrate Slack With Structural?

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Prior to installing Slack, you must have administrator permissions in Structural to manage integrations. The Slack Workspace does NOT require special permissions, just a log in. 

  1. Your company's Structural administrator must log into

  1. Select the headshot on the top right and proceed to Settings >  Integrations > Slack.

  2. Click the Add to Slack button and a new tab will open asking for a login if you are not already logged into Slack.  

  4. As long as the ability to add apps to your Slack workspace has not been restricted at a company level, Slack will display the information that Structural has access to in the Slack Workspace.

  5. If you are logged into many different Slack teams, the menu on the top right will allow you to install Structural into a different team.

  6. Click Authorize.
  7. The current tab should automatically close and the Slack Workspace will appear in Structural’s Settings page.

  8. Repeat this process with as many Slack Workspaces as needed.

  9. It may take a few minutes for Structural to sync with Slack.


The Slack icon will appear on the mobile app or the website under the name and title on the profile tab (in the “quick contact” area next to the email, text, and phone icons).

Simply tap the icon and it will send you directly into a Direct Message conversation with that co-worker on Slack. 

If you both share multiple Slack teams that are connected to Structural, then it will ask you which team you’d like to contact them on.

For specific questions or further help check out our Slack Integration Trouble-Shooting guide.

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