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How Do I Configure a Slack Integration?
How Do I Configure a Slack Integration?

Slack Configuration, Setting up Slack

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Q: I’m on mobile, but I don’t see the Slack icon on my coworker’s profile.

A: Please confirm that Slack has been installed on the mobile device. If Slack hasn't been installed, we assume that you would prefer a different method of communication and the icon is hidden. 

Q: For some co-workers the Slack icon doesn’t show up even though they are on my Slack Workspace.

A: Please verify that the email listed in Slack matches the email in their Structural profile. Structural uses email addresses to match the Slack account.

Q: A new employee was added to Slack and Structural, but the Slack icon isn’t in the Quick Contact section.

A: Structural syncs Slack and Structural accounts overnight so there may be up to a 24 hour delay.

Q: When adding the Slack team to Structural, I click “Authorize” but it never shows up in Structural.

A: Strange! Structural must have had a problem contacting Slack. Try it once more, and if it still doesn’t show up contact

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