With notifications, it’s simple for leaders and colleagues to recognize career milestones, work anniversaries, birthdays, and other important achievements with a real-time feed of new and noteworthy information. 

All achievements and milestones will link directly to the user's profile who is highlighted. Notifications regarding Connect posts and polls will link directly to the content.

Choose the Gear icon to toggle the switches on/off for how you want to receive notifications.

  1. Special Events = Birthdays and Anniversaries 

  2. Posts = Connect Posts

  3. Messages from Structural = Announcements from Structural


If you choose the ⚙️ icon in the top right, you will then have notification preferences to select from.

Notifications will stay active in your feed for at least 30 days, helping leaders and teams stay connected no matter where they live or work. For more information, check out our knowledge base article on editing push and email notifications in Structural.

Push notifications are currently configured to go to the author of the post when a comment is made.
(Example of a push notification)

If a user does not want to receive these, they would need to toggle off the "Posts" notification type in their Preferences, which would remove the notification for all post-related alerts.

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