As a Structural Administrator you have the permissions to send a post or poll on behalf of the company. 

Create and Send Connect posts as the Company


  1. Navigate to the Connect tab. 

2. Then select the +Post button in the top right.

3. Then select your profile photo and choose the Company Account.

4. Now your post will be sent underneath the Company Account and not your personal account.


  1. Navigate to the Connect Tab and begin to craft a post.

2. Select your Profile Photo and then choose the Company Account.

3. That's all!

Moderate Posts as an Admin

On Mobile or Web, a Structural Admin can edit and moderate a Connect post made by any Admin or employee. This allows the Admin to maintain company standards by editing or deleting a Connect post. This feature can also help any employee that would need spelling errors or additional information to be updated for that post.

  1. On either platform select the ellipsis icon in the top right of the Connect post and select edit or delete.

2. If you choose edit, you can add or remove any content from the post and then select Update in the bottom right to save and submit those changes.

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