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Commenting On A Connect Post

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Connect is a shared tab in Structural where users can go to find posts and polls targeted to them. You can comment on posts that are shared with you in Connect. 

Structural users who post a comment may delete the comment, but cannot edit that comment. 

Additionally, push notifications for Comments are currently configured to go to the author of the post when a comment is made. They work the same way notifications for "Likes" work today, and are on by default (unless a user has already toggled off notifications in their Preferences). If a user does not want to receive these, they would need to toggle off the "Posts" notification type in their Preferences, which would remove the notification for all post-related alerts.

Comments are a great place to provide reactions to posts and gather feedback in the moment for the poster. Connect helps create collaboration and is a great place to source all from your team's posts, comments and likes.

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