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How did that data get into my profile?

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Structural populates as many profile fields as possible using data provided by your company. This data can source from a variety of internal systems like ADP, Paylocity, Salesforce, Predictive Index and more.  Additionally, we surface information from publicly-available data sources to give you a rich profile.

To see all of the integrations Structural can support, visit the Structural Integrations page.

The information pulled into Structural is limited to those fields that our clients agree to, but typically includes profile image, bio, previous work experience, education, and skills. 

Users can edit or remove any information they choose not to share, within the limitations set by their company.

We refresh HR data on a regular basis as information is updated by your company’s APIs. However, any publicly-available data sources are not updated after the initial profile enrichment. It’s up to you to showcase any skills and experiences you gain along the way!

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