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The People tab is a search engine for your Company. It allows you to find colleagues, use custom filters to refine your search and reach out to connect with those in your company. Structural pulls together all of the data from each users profile to create an efficient way to source multiple points of data. From project availability to sifting through thousands of employees to find the best fit for your next role. Structural provides the most efficient internal search to help turn insights into action. Below is an overview of the main highlights of the People Search.

Here are the main tools available within People Search:
1. Search by any keyword
2. Use Custom Filters to enhance searches
3. Add search results to a Group
4. Add search results to a List or Saved Search

1. Searching by any keyword.

Within People search you can utilize search just as any other search engine. Search by People, Departments, Locations, Skills, Resources, and much more. Since Structural is able to pull in multiple data sources from your Company, the results are accurate and tailored for your team. The results will automatically be displayed as you type your search. Then once you have your results you can click on an individuals profile or select an action from the right hand Action Menu.

Structural will sort results by:
-Frequency of search terms in Profile

-You can also search with multiple key words to limit your search even further.

Mobile Only:

While using the app, you have contact information options that are mobile exclusive if your search results include any of your colleagues.

  1. For example, if your search results for "Design" present colleagues that match that keyword search, simply tap on the ellipsis icon (ooo) on the right side of the screen to choose how you want to contact them.

2. When selecting the ellipsis icon (ooo), as long as a user has the information populated on their profile, you will have the option to contact them via:

  • Email

  • Text

  • Phone Call

  • Add them to a List

  • Add them to a Group

2. Use Custom Filters to enhance searches. 

On the right hand side of your search bar you can select the icon and that will display your company's Custom Filters. These are curated to help you find information that is specific to your organization and these can be customized at anytime. 

3. Add search results to a Group

Once you see the final search results then you can take the next step by adding those colleagues to a Group. Groups are used to help team's collaborate and share resources for the next project or an event coming up. From Health and Wellness to a Mentorship Programs, Groups are the perfect next step once you found the right people.

4. Add search results to a Personal List or Saved Search

If you perform a search regularly you can save your keyword search. Once you type in your search then on the right hand side you can choose Save this Search. Then the next time you need to access that search, it is located in your left sidebar.

Personal Lists operate in the same manner as Saved Searches. You are able to search for a keyword and then create a Personal List based off of your keyword search. You can also Name your Search and this can be different than your keyword search.

Both Personal Lists and Saved Searches are private to you and are not shared with any other users within your company.


Time to start searching and discover your Internal People Network! 👍🎉

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