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Advanced People Search is a web only feature that allows users to search on keywords and custom filters from the global search navigation that is present on all pages within Structural.

With this search view, users can leverage custom filters that are unique to their organization. This gives anyone an accurate picture of their company's data and follows that search with actionable next steps.

From a search, individuals can utilize their search results and take these next step actions:

  • Send Email

  • Send post

  • Save this Search

  • Save to a Personal List

  • Add to a Group

Note: some of these functions are not available when search results are too large. For example, sending an email is limited to 25 users from search.

Below, see the highlights of the main functions of Advanced Search.

  1. Choose Advanced within the top navigation bar.

2. Next, search by keywords to help find the right People, Departments, Locations, Skills, or Resources. (For example, in this search we are looking for a colleague who has CSS as a skill and is located in Chicago).

3. Below the search bar, individuals can leverage the Custom Filters to narrow down search results even further. These are unique custom filters for your organization.
Users can select the Custom Filter to display a full list of options once a user selects the options, select the top of the filter box to collapse the Filter.

4. Once you apply your Custom Filters, individuals will see those reflected on the right hand side of your search results below the More Actions. When you select Filters then you are redirected back to the Custom Filters page, where you can refine your search by adding/removing filters, or start fresh by hitting reset.

5. When needing to search for an entire different result, individuals can select Filters and then you can reset all of the selected Custom Filters.

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