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Insights tab, Saved Searches, and Personal Lists
Insights tab, Saved Searches, and Personal Lists

Explore how the responses in profile fields can be segmented and visualized to get real-time insights, visualizations, and reports.

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Structural profiles are full of robust people data from across your organization. The profile fields can be segmented and visualized in a number of different ways that allow you to get real-time insights. Let's take a look at the Insights tab, Saved Searches, and Personal Lists:


Insights are the actionable dashboards for your people data and are visible in two main locations in Structural - Search Results and Company Breakdown. They include data visualizations and allow you to "drill down" for even deeper insights. When you begin searching by keyword at the top of the web version of Structural, there you will be able to see your search results and the corresponding insights for your results as well.

1. Search Result Insights

Let's start with a Search:

Next, click on the Insights tab.

In this example, the Insights will include a data visualization of a Skills map. Click on any Skill or specific profile field to expand the window. From there, you can take further action - send a post, add to a list or group, or send an email. If you're looking to drill down further, you'll want to add to a new list or group to get the real-time insights on the subset you've just created.

As you work your way down the Insights tab, you'll find additional profile fields that have been tailored to your company's specific use cases. The responses, shown in purple, are automatically tallied for a quick view. You're also a single click away from deeper insights. Here is one example:

In this example, you can "drill down" to answer specific questions such as:

  • Is someone in the Project Management list able to take on an internal project to gain experience?

  • Does the SEO team have capacity for some peer pairing?

  • You could even follow-up with the sub-set of "Not Answered" to encourage a response.

2. Company Breakdown Insights

You will also see Insights available for each breakdown of your company on your left side navigation the web version of Structural. In this example, it's Client Success.

In each breakdown you will see a People Overview, Activity within that breakdown, a people directory, and insights.

Saved Searches

Saved Searches are a great way to build and save a dynamic list of teammates, matching specific search criteria. Saved Searches are located in the People Tab along with the Directory and Personal Lists.

To view your Saved Searches or begin adding new searches, select Advanced Search within your Search bar.

This will bring the search filters, that are already customized to your organization's data, to the forefront of your search.

Now you can search by keyword, add filters and then save your search to drill down on the search results!

As profiles change, new people fall within your search criteria and are added (or removed) from your results automatically. Saved Searches are private and can be revisited anytime for real-time results - in seconds.

Advanced Search is a web-only feature, but Saved Searches and Personal Lists are available on the mobile app.

Personal Lists

Personal Lists are another great way to build and save a dynamic list of teammates. As you search, you can add the people that match your results to a Personal List. Think of this as a custom playlist of team members for your specific search. As profiles change, the same set of people will remain in your list. Personal lists are private and can be revisited anytime for real-time results.

Insights, Saved Searches, and Personal Lists help surface your team's relevant data and allow you to revisit those results as they continue to grow.

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