Structural's Internal Opportunity Marketplace is built to match the "supply" of talented employees across an organization to the "demand" of short gigs, key projects, big roles, sales support, volunteering, learning, and mentoring.

The Internal Opportunity Marketplace is available to create and view on the mobile app and the Web.

Breakdown of the article contents:

  1. Creating Opportunities

  2. Managing Opportunities

1. Creating a New Opportunity

  1. Start by Navigating to the Opportunities tab and select +New Opportunity in the middle right of your window.

2. Next, select one of the Opportunity Types that your company has in place and select Next.

3. Then begin to fill in the text and select fields.

Note: The red * icon indicates that the specific field is required.

4. If you are a Structural Admin for your company, you can choose to post as yourself or under the Company profile. Under the Settings tab, select your profile photo at the bottom of the opportunity and choose which profile will be the opportunity owner.

5. Once you have all of your content added to your Opportunity post, click create and set it live!

2. Managing Opportunities

Once your Opportunity is live, your team can view the Opportunity, Express Interest and Share the Opportunity in a Connect Post. From there, multiple team members can help manage this Opportunity post.

In the middle sub-section "People" you can view which team members have "Expressed Interest" in your Opportunity. There you can follow up with those individuals in various forms of action:

-Send a Post

-Send an Email

-Add to a Personal List

-Add to a Group

-Add Owners

*Adding Owners allows for the Opportunity creator to add an employee that has a Structural profile to help co-own the Opportunity. This allows for each Owner to be notified via email or mobile push if another employee has expressed interest in that Opportunity.

When managing your Opportunity you can select the Settings tab and begin to edit and update any of the fields for that Opportunity. Once you've added your updated content, select Save Changes in the bottom right.

The owner of the Opportunity post can also Close the Opportunity or Delete the Opportunity on the right side of the Settings tab.

-Closing an Opportunity allows it to be re-opened. For example if a job listing was fulfilled, but then the same role needs to be re-posted later on in the future.

-Deleting an Opportunity fully removes the posting altogether and cannot be re-posted.

That's it! You're on your way to sharing more Opportunities with your team to accomplish more work together! 👏

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