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Organization Charts helps visualize the hierarchy within an organization. To improve on the org charts of yesteryear, we've taken a human-centered design approach. You'll start with a single person - you or someone else in your organization - and use Org Chart to see who surrounds them in the organization. Navigate up to see their manager, down to see any direct reports, and horizontally to see their peers.

There are 3 ways to navigate to the Organization Chart view:

1. Go to the People tab, then click on the Organization Chart tab.



* Pro tip - You can zoom in and out of the web version of Organization Chart and then select the reset button in the bottom left of the window on web or in the top right on mobile.

2. Search results returning a list of people now includes an org chart icon - letting you go straight to their place in the org chart, or to the profile page.

3. Speaking of Profile pages, you can click "See Organization Chart" in each person's "About Me" section.


1. If you don't see the Org Chart, it's probably not enabled for your instance. Contact your Structural Admin(s) or for quick assistance.

2. If Managers or Direct Reports are displaying incorrectly, let us know and we'll work backwards to pinpoint which data source we're pulling it from, and Structural will work with your Structural Admin(s) to get it corrected at the source.

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