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Editing Roles and Permissions of Profile Fields
Editing Roles and Permissions of Profile Fields

Roles, profile fields, permissions

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To create more privacy and organization across specific roles in the company Structural has two methods to help this goal. roles and permissions. We will walk you through how to set up specific roles and configure permissions for certain profile fields.

Creating and Editing Roles

  1. To create a new role select your Profile Photo then Organization Admin

2. Select Roles

3. Select Add Role

4. Add a Name and a Description for the new role and then you can begin to customize the permissions for that specific role.

5. Once all of the configurations have been set, select Submit.

  • Once a role has been created, you can select Details to review your role configurations.

  • Or select Users to view which users have been assigned that role.

  • In order to assign an employee to a specific role go to Manage People > search for the employee's name > select the ellipsis icon and select Edit Role.

  • Lastly, you can select edit to change your role configurations

Create and Edit Profile Field Permissions

To create privacy in individual employee profiles, Structural Admins are able to create profile field permissions so only specific team members can see the profile data.

  1. To adjust the permissions of a profile field, first select the Profile Fields tab in the Admin Panel.

  • You can search for a profile field or scroll through the profile fields. There you can select Details to see the current permissions for that profile field.

  • Admins can also select the Edit option and change the visibility of each field.

Here are the sections Admins can modify or edit:

  • Field Status (Active or Inactive)

  • Field Name

  • Message

  • Help Text (To provide an example of what content belongs in the field)

  • Who the profile field is active for

  • Who can view and edit the profile field

For viewing and editing, as seen in the image below, permissions can be set for the individual, their manager, their management hierarchy, as well as named role groups.

To create more privacy, Admins can select and de-select the options to determine who can view as well as view and edit.

Lastly, be sure to save your changes and you are all set!

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