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Google Suite User Sync is a capability of the Structural system to ensure all customer data is kept in parity with a system of record in Google Suite. In Structural, Admins have the ability to set up the Google Suite sync directly through the Admin Panel.

This ensures employees will have accurate and fresh data syncing every 4 hours into Structural from Google. Employees will also be created and disabled based on their status within Google Suite. This also allows the company's IT team to be the source of truth when any data needs to be updated or organized.

You can watch this video below or follow the step-by-step instructions to set up Google Suite Sync for your team.

The tutorial is based on our Legacy Structural platform being used), but the concepts are still relevant & helpful. The step-by-step instructions below are current.

To setup Google Single Sign-On follow these steps:

  1. In the Structural application, at Structural, visit the Organization Admin dashboard.

  • This option only appears for accounts with at-least one administrative-facing permission on their Structural account.

2. From the left-hand side menu, select the “Automated Syncs” option.

  • You’ll be presented with either a page empty of syncs, or a list of existing configured syncs.

3. To configure a new sync, select the Create Sync button at the top of the page, then “Google Workspace” from the subsequent list.

4. Next, a set of instructions will show in a pop-up window and will list out the next steps.

Next, follow the steps listed in the pop-up window.

  1. Navigate to your G-Suite Admin Console

2. Select Security

3. Then scroll down to API Reference

4. Ensure that "Enable API Access" is checked

5. Go back to the main Security page

6. Select Advanced Settings

7. Click "Manage API Client Access"

8. Go back to Structural and Copy the Client ID

9. Paste the Client Name into the Client name within G-Suite

10. Go back to Structural and Copy the API Scopes

11. Paste the API Scopes into the Client name within G-Suite

12. Select Authorize in G-Suite once the Client Name and API Scopes are pasted

13. Go back to Structural and type in the Admin email address

Next, select which Domains you would like to sync

  1. Once you select your Domains to sync, then check the boxes in the list below:

  • Create users in Structural who don't have user accounts

  • Send new users an onboarding email when they are created

  • Disabled users in Structural who are suspended in your identity provider

  • Disabled users in Structural who don't exist in your identity provider

2. Then, check the box that syncs profile information and fields that your team would like to sync from Google to Structural on a daily basis.

3. Lastly, add in any email addresses that you want to be excluded from the G Suite sync.

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