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In Structural, Admins have the ability to set up Single Sign-On directly through the Admin Panel. This ensures employees will have a more secure and efficient login experience. Also, it allows the company's IT team to be the source of truth when login issues occur.

To setup Google Single Sign-On follow these steps:

*Sign-in for customers is configured within the admin interface.

  1. Select the "Single Sign-On" menu item on the left sidebar.

Here, you can see a list of configured sign-in providers, remove them, and configure new ones.

Configuring G-Suite

To enable Google / G-Suite sign-in, select "New Provider."

  • Select "G-Suite" in the following dialog, then confirm it by clicking "Add Provider"

This configures your Structural instance to accept G-Suite as a valid source for authentication during sign-in, but your people will not see the option to authenticate with G-Suite until it has been made the primary SSO provider.

When you're ready for your people to see the G-Suite sign-in button, click "Make Primary" on the G-Suite provider in the list of providers.

Removing Password Option and require SSO only

To enhance security and create a smoother login process, the password option can be removed for the login process and require users to only use Single Sign On through Google.

  1. Select Remove under the Email & Password section to force Google's SSO to be the only login method for users.

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