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In Structural, Admins have the ability to set up Single Sign-On directly through the Admin Panel. This ensures employees will have a more secure and efficient login experience. Also, it allows the company's IT team to be the source of truth when login issues occur.

To setup Okta Single Sign-On follow these steps:

*Sign-in for customers is configured within the app.structural.com admin interface.

  • Select the "Single Sign-On" menu item on the left sidebar.

Here, you can see a list of configured sign-in providers, remove them, and configure new ones.

Configuring Okta

  • To enable Okta sign-in, select "New Provider."

  • Select "SAML 2.0" in the following dialog, then select "Okta"

  • Then copy the Single Sign-On URL and you will paste this into Okta when setting up a new app integration.

  • Navigate to the Applications tab from the main Okta Dashboard.

  • Then select Create App Integration.

  • Select SAML 2.0 and click Next.

  • Name the Integration Structural and then you can add an (optional) Structural logo to display that for your team. Contact support@structural.com for that logo.

  • Then click Next.

  • Under Configuring SAML, paste the URL from Structural into the Single Sign-On URL field.

Once those details are typed in, select the following for the formats and username fields:

  • Name ID Format - EmailAddress

  • Application username - Email

  • Update application username on - Create and Update

  • Select Next.

  • Under the Feedback tab, select "I'm an Okta customer adding an internal app."

  • Review and select Finish at the bottom right.

  • Next, under the Sign On tab, select "Identity Provider Metadata." That will open a new tab with the code needed.

  • Copy the Federation Metadata URL at the top of the browser.

  • Then, paste that Federation Metadata URL into Structural.

  • Go back to the Identity Provider Metadata browser tab and copy the entityID at the top of the page.

  • Paste that into Structural and select Add Provider.

  • Then once the SSO integration has been created, select "Make Primary."

  • Lastly, before employees/users can login with their Okta credentials, you need to assign the application in Okta for Structural use.

  • Go back to Okta under Applications and select Assignments.

  • Then select the Assign dropdown list and select "Assign to People."

  • Then search or add employees and select Assign.

  • Confirm the email address of the employees.

  • Then select Done and then "Save and Go Back."

    Now, any assigned employees should be able to login via Okta SSO as the primary login option.

Removing Password Option and require SSO only

To enhance security and create a smoother login process, the password option can be removed for the login process and require users to only use Single Sign On through Okta.

  1. Select Remove under the Email & Password section to force Okta's SSO to be the only login method for users.

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