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Planning for successful profile enrichment
Planning for successful profile enrichment

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Every Structural client has its own unique goals regarding what should be included in a Structural profile for your users / employees. Based on experience with tens of thousands of employees, we recommend the following:

  • Think expansively about what lives on a profile. Some of the most important connections happen when profiles are rich with information that provides a full view of the individual.

  • Use Structural’s proprietary enrichment process to make the profiles as good as possible before asking users to make updates.

Here are the types of information often in profiles:

Here are the types of systems Structural can pull from to make great profiles:

With a great profile in place, users have a full and personalized experience.

Structural profiles get enriched in three ways:

  • Your data: Structural pulls data from your systems into profiles. We can pull data from your business systems and even from spreadsheets and paper resumes.

  • Public data: Structural brings in publicly available professional data that the user / employee has already shared about themselves online (often on LinkedIn)

  • User input: Structural allows your employees / users to enter information directly into the platform and to edit certain fields that we have pre-populated.

What is public data enrichment and how is it valuable?

Structural's enrichment process can automatically bring data in from public facing professional profiles.. We use a variety of services and approaches to bring in data that is typically already posted by the employee / user on their LinkedIn profile or in another forum. Structural works with specialized partners and uses its own process to pull data into our system so we can make your employee / user profiles rich and dynamic from the start.

Why should Structural profiles be enriched with public data?

  1. Adding publicly available data to profiles whenever possible creates richer profiles, that tell a more complete story than what you know from the internal data available.

  2. Enriching profiles with public data ensures they are full and useful - even if the profile owner hasn’t logged in yet, the profiles are still comprehensive and useful to others.

  3. Each person on your team is made up of more than what you know from the internal data sets - bringing in outside data, relays that the “whole self” is welcome.

Publicly available data includes:

  • Profile photo

  • Professional summary

  • Work history

  • Education

  • Skills

Benefits to the employee:

  1. Profiles are well on their way and gives employee profiles a head start. It creates less of an exercise to get them completed by the individual.

  2. It creates a more robust search and insights for employees to find each other and be found.

  3. Removes the risk of having empty profiles.

One Time Data Pull

The public enrichment is a one time process. Publicly-available data sources are not updated after the initial profile enrichment. Employees can edit or remove the public data at any time. Alternatively, contact to have the public profile data removed or brought in again. The Structural Customer Success team works with each company to formulate an ongoing enrichment strategy.

How can I respect user privacy while also providing users with the positive experience of bringing in their public facing professional data to their Structural profile?

From healthcare companies and government agencies to banks and manufacturers, Structural clients typically take advantage of public enrichment while also making it easy for end users to edit or opt-out of this process.

An additional (optional) step is to adjust the pre-launch communication to notify users that Structural uses public facing data in their profiles. Employees can be offered the ability to “Opt-Out” of this process. Structural has proven templates that you can use to communicate with your users. They can opt-out of public data enrichment upfront or at anytime in the future.

It is possible, but not recommended, to ask users / employees to “Opt-In” to public data enrichment. We have found that this process takes extra time from our customers and does not yield as beneficial of results. Many employees will not take the time to Opt-In even if they are willing to have their profiles enriched with public data.

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