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Searching Functionality in Structural
Searching Functionality in Structural
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In Structural, there are several ways to gain more insights through Structural's intelligent search. Below are various use cases of how Structural can leverage your team's data and make your search more accurate and efficient.

Functionality of the Search Bar

  • When searching the results that are populated at the very top are the profiles with the highest search results that meet the criteria for the keyword search across their entire profile. For example, when searching for CSS it will search across all available profile fields to find how many times the term CSS is found. Then depending on how many times that keyword is present, it will rank your profile among other colleagues.

  • When searching with multiple keywords, Spaces in between keywords are considered OR conditions. Then those two keywords are both searched across all of the profile fields.

  • Exact Phrase Match - If you use quotation marks around a keyword phrase, it will look for that exact phrase across profile field data. Example - "Enterprise Software Sales" will find only colleagues who have that exact phrase in a profile field.


When permissions are in place for the company, all of the search results are based on the permissions set for the profile fields. Search permissions are also impacted by Roles setup for employees. Each custom role that is created and assigned to employees can either limit or provide visibility to specific search results. For example, if one employee has If two separate role employees and search the same keyword or use the same search filters they could get different results.

Keyword search is enhanced when the filters are used. It adds accuracy and uses the AND formula to get specific results. When employees use the Advanced Search, that is a combination of keyword search AND a filter. It will combine keywords and filters to obtain the result. For example, if an employee searches for CSS and use the Office Location - Chicago filter it will search for any employee with the keyword CSS in their profile as well as the Office Location of Chicago.

Lastly, when changes are made to the Admin panel and it adds it to Structural's backend queue. It will take a moment to sync and push that data into the search. Data can become out of date within profile fields. Structural can then reindex and gather the results and those then are pushed into the search results.

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