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Customizing Postcard Images and Core Values
Customizing Postcard Images and Core Values

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Postcard Images

Admins can update the Postcard Templates from the Admin Panel to generate new themes for their employees to interact with.

1. To update go to > Profile Photo > Organization Admin > Manage Postcards.

2. Select Edit for Images

3. From the Image Templates, select a Theme (Endorse, Birthday, etc)

3. Select the Postcard type and then select a new image file to be the primary image to be shown for that Postcard Template.

For the best results we recommend using a 800 x 800 image. This is the same format for web and mobile.

Uploading new images will allow Marketing teams to develop company branded images to put behind the Postcard Types.

Core Values

Admins can add their company core values in the Admin Panel so that employees can select a core value while crafting their Postcard content to dictate which core value was represented by that employee. See it in action below:

To add Company Values, go to the Admin Panel >Organization Information > Company Values.

There you can add, edit or drag and drop the Core Values for your company.

Inspire Me

The Inspire Me section of Postcards allows users to get A.I. generated help when crafting a Postcard. If an employee has writer block and needs help, Inspire Me is the solution. Employees can answer two questions and then select a tone for the message and it will generate a Postcard message.

Employees can continue to edit the message, or select Inspire Me again and it will regenerate a new message with the same settings. See it in action below!

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