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In addition to our Posting capabilities, you can now send a post as an Announcement. The Announcement works like a post but “overrides” the email notification settings of your selected audience.

You simply build the content and set the audience, just as you would a normal post. When you send or schedule as an announcement, though, an email goes out to everyone within that audience - even if they have email notifications disabled.

This is a great option for messages you need to send to all users, or to save yourself from sending BOTH a post and an email. We heard from our admin community (thank you, by the way!) that this ability would be beneficial - so while we don’t think you’ll use it often, we think it’s a great option to have.

  • Who has Permission to send this way?

    • Currently this is a capability available to Administrators only.

  • Is this for urgent messages?

    • Not exactly - while it will go out to everyone, it doesn’t deliver to inboxes any differently than a normal post. It just includes those users that have disabled email notifications.

  • What if someone is irritated that they got an email - even AFTER disabling the email notifications?

    • Yep…that could totally happen! Use this feature for good, not evil. Send this way when everyone truly needs the information or when you would have sent an email to everyone in the audience as a secondary step anyway.


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