Structural allows users to save searches or groups of users to quickly view and communicate with groups of people based on custom queries. Structural allows users to save a static list of select people, or create a dynamic search based on data in any user’s profile.

Open Structural and navigate to the People Tab. 

Enter your search criteria, and tap the contact icon in the upper right corner of the screen. You can now save your search, allowing you to access a dynamic list of teammates who match this search criteria any time, or, you can save a list of these exact people for future reference.

You’ll also notice a starred folder icon to the right of the search bar. This is where you’ll be able to quickly access your saved searches and lists next time you open the People Tab.

Saving Individual Teammates to a List

Saving individual teammates to a new or existing list can also be done directly from their profile. Tap the bookmark icon on any user’s profile to instantly add them to an existing list of teammates. After you’ve added users to your list, you can email the group, or send them a Structural post or poll instantly. 

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