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Postcards allows anyone within the company to recognize their colleagues to encourage team camaraderie. You can utilize Postcards directly from the Home Page under "What's Going on at ___," by clicking on the "Appreciate" tab at the top, or right within your coworker's Postcards tab. Below are the ways to access the Postcards features and how to recognize and showcase your teammates!

Postcard Section:

tcards Section:The Postcards section of the Home Page will feature the four most recent Postcards that have been sent across the Organization. To View all of the Organization Postcards by selecting See More.

You can also send a Postcard straight from the Home Page. Select "Send an Appreciation" > Choose a Recipient & Occasion > Then choose an available Postcard template, add in your message, and send!

*Note - You may not see all 6 Postcard Templates because as you select a Postcard it will determine the relevancy of each template. For example, If it's a Milestone (Birthday or Anniversary) it will not provide the Endorse, Celebrate, or Thank you Postcard Template.

Milestones Section:

Within the Milestones section Birthdays (excludes birth year) and Work Anniversaries are displayed to spotlight those in the company who would be great teammates to congratulate or recognize!


In teammates' profiles, you can navigate to the Postcards tab to view and contribute to their profile. You can select from the templates and send a postcard which will be visible to other colleagues and serves as a place to recognize their hard work or special event for that teammate.

When sending a postcard, the audience is already locked in, all that's needed is to is craft a message and send! Sharing a postcard with a colleague boosts team camaraderie, but also increases the shelf life of the comment by living on a profile vs in chat or email.

Details When Sending a Postcard

Postcard Images:

Select a Postcard image from multiple options. Your team Admin can upload several images per Postcard template and then employees can choose from those options when sending a postcard.

Inspire Me - A.I. Generated Content

The Inspire Me section of Postcards allows employees to get A.I. generated help when crafting a Postcard. If an employee has writer block and needs help, Inspire Me is the solution. Employees can answer two questions and then select a tone for the message and it will generate a Postcard message.

Employees can continue to edit the message, or select Inspire Me again and it will regenerate a new message with the same settings. See it in action below!

Company Values

You can select a company core value while crafting their Postcard content to dictate which core value was represented by that employee who you are recognizing. See it in action below:

Public or Private

You can select if you want your Postcard to be sent as a public or private Postcard. Public is the default method and if preferred, any employee can use the toggle to turn that Postcard private.

  • Public Postcards are visible to everyone in the organization

  • Private Postcards are only visible to you, the recipient and admins

Note: Regarding Postcard notifications, both the sender and the employee who receives the postcard will receive a notification of their choosing. Here is how you can adjust your personal notifications -

The Postcard sender also receives a confirmation screen pop-up once they have sent the Postcard and the receiver will see a notification on Web, Mobile, MS Teams or email depending on your notification preference. Also, the Manager of the Postcard receiver will receive a notification as well to spur overall team engagement.

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