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Which Software Can Structural Integrate With?
Which Software Can Structural Integrate With?

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Structural Integrates with all your favorite business systems.

These integrations seamlessly brings together the power of your company's data with the connectivity of Structural’s People Directory. This data can source from a variety of internal systems like ADP, Paylocity, Salesforce, Predictive Index and more.  Additionally, we surface information from publicly-available data sources to give you a rich profile.

The information we are pulling into Structural is limited to those fields that our clients agree to, but typically includes previous employers, education, and skills. 

Employees always have control of their Structural Profile and can edit or remove any information they choose not to share.


To see all of the integrations Structural can support, visit the Structural Integrations page.

Currently within the Admin Platform, any Admin can add the following integrations within
-Microsoft Teams

-Predictive Index



Don't see an integration you're interested in? 

We have a variety of integrations setup behind the scenes of Structural. The best step to take is partnering with the Structural Product Team to get your specific integrations in place. Contact Structural Support to begin the process.

To learn more about the integrations available for all Admins choose below.

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